Who? Me?

To whom may care.

I have decided to create a blog because I am a French whose education and life experience has turned him into an over-thinking freak who needs to know everything, understand everything and discuss everything.

Following my dream and my love of the English language, I went to live in the UK for nearly a decade where I experienced a major cultural shock. Even the little strip of sea called The Channel is enough to force you to assimilate in a so the same yet so different society. A society I imagined, I pictured as being intrinsically forward-thinking because of what I read about it, the people I admired, the music I listened to, the books I read, the aura the UK had abroad during my youth.

In fact I found a society drowned in capitalistic apathy, stoned in a brutal system of class, lacking interest for knowledge, rejecting dissidence and despising basic democratic essence; where most people look tolerant and open-minded from the outside but turn out to just not give a damn about anything unless it interferes with their right to buy with money they never have or right to say whatever pops in their head.

This cultural shock , the need to adapt to another culture has lead me to question everything I knew, am learning and are encountering on a daily basis, to dig deep into my roots to find what I was ready to forsake and what I would never let go in the name of becoming British – which I was an the verge of doing after the first five years.

Today, I am back in France. I decided to leave Albion before the reality of a decaying, overbearing society made me forget why I loved the UK and the English language in the first place. The cultural differences became to big to overcome and I could not move on in my life unless I subscribed and submitted to some visions I was not ready to embrace.

However this nearly decade has helped me to realise who I was, what I was standing for and grow as a deeply opinionated, ranting, sanctimonious, feisty French who can not put up with pretention, fakery and light-hearted commitment in the name of social politeness anymore.

As my mother says: You rant because you care, this is who you are.

So ranting, it will be.


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