Just sayin’ Monday II

The basic mechanic of critics (film, music, games, books…) is the flock of sheep: People will actually not go and see what someone else has not found interesting just because they have not found it interesting.

“Unfortunately, now that gout, apoplexy, carelessness around guns no longer provide any reliable form of population control in the aristocratic demographic, they are apt to be elderly.”

The British society is socially divided, class is everything; whereas the French society is racially divided, your skin colour and name is will define your status. Unless you’re black, in that case, you’ll always be segregated in all 18th-century democracies: UK, US, France, Switzerland…

“ “Public trust in government and politicians” noted Lord Hill, a lobbyist turned pro-democracy envoy who has never stood for election, “is at all-time low.” “

The French people are taught that children have dreams whereas adults have responsibilities.

“With politics unable to satisfy basic needs and aspiration, and in the absence of convincing message of hope, anger is directed at anyone but the powerful, whose money will always remain an inspiration: immigrants, unemployed people and public-sector workers.”

The British middle class thought that carving the aristocracy’s idea of capitalism deep into the soul of their democracy would allow them to lift their condition. Today, the Brits have three inalienable Rights: The Right to Vote, the Right to Speak, the Right to Buy.


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