Sex myths I – Let’s get into it: Gay men have quickies like in the movies

You might find what I’ll say offensive but I’m not here to discuss porn. Rather the everyday sex between two people which unfortunately is largely taboo and left undiscussed, and therefore deeply misconceived by the influence of myth-riddled porn.

So yeah, the sudden, passionate love-making between two men on TV or in movies, usually in the toilets of some place or a cupboard…We see it more and more now. That’s cute and clean. And bloody hot! But also false.

Anal sex requires preparation, that is quite technical sometimes, and some products! I am not just talking about the essential plug or dildo to stretch gently and gradually during foreplay, or the never-forget-me lube during penetration so it’s actually a pleasure and you avoid haemorrhoids.

Also, and mainly, the fact is that when you use that hole, if unprepared, there’s something happening in this area that sex dares not speak the name of. Yes, it’s here, that’s what it’s for basically.

So if you do want to have a quickie, bring a condom and be ready to get hurt, unless you’re as a horny pig as John Terry. Actually…Make it two or three condoms because there is a chance brown is going to soil and be ready for a quick clean-up too. Not so sexy anymore. Or quick, the gay quickie on TV.

In a nutshell, have anal sex is you really want it, not because you think you have to or because you’re just a bit horny.

And you need lube! So have one in your pocket with your phone.


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