Homophobia debunked: “Gay people should not have children for they can’t naturally reproduce.”

“Gay people should not adopt because two men can’t have a baby naturally”

If we argue that Nature doesn’t allow two men or two women to reproduce so therefore we must have laws that stop them from using IVF or adoption, we also have to have laws that forbid sterile people from having children.

A straight person who is sterile was made as such by Nature. It’s unfair but they are naturally unable to reproduce and allowing them to have babies is therefore unnatural. End of.

Like gay people, the law should prevent them from calling to science or adoption to have children. This is the burden they will have to bare all their life too. End of.

Why are sterile couples allowed to have kids anyway? Because “they love each other” and “usually a man and a woman should be able to reproduce” and humanity has science to fix the problems Nature has created sometimes. It’s called evolution.

Yes, exactly, it has nothing to do with Nature again. It’s all about the validity of gay love and relationships. So leave Nature out of it and face it: when most of the world is evolving into more accepting and more tolerant people, you’re just plain, bovine homophobic.


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