Just Sayin’ – Double standards for animals

The Western countries have no problem with the horrendous condition in their slaughterhouses (the name says it all…); the Western states have no problem setting up official culls of badgers, all types of birds, squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, wolves, bears…because they are seen as pest; their ministers for Health have no problem whatsoever defending the industry when it comes to using live animals as disposable objects for tests and experiences.

However, we should all rise and condemn Nepal for its traditional cull. We justify the double standards by saying that what we do is necessary for human survival whereas they are just “having fun”.

In French, we say that we are quick to see the hay in other people’s eye despite the wooden beam in our own.

PS: I am against all the above. Even slaughterhouses. Human survival does not depend on everyday mass slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of hormones- and antibiotics-filled animals in terrible conditions.


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