A glimpse into the underworld of homophobia.

I sometimes met and meet some people who are what I call “from a world that is dying out” which renders them aggressively extreme, prone to find conspirations everywhere (leftists, communists, Jews), seek comfort in intolerance and mass rejection of anything new and different from themselves as a model to admire, fear and follow.

They are usually right-wing, white, straight and religious therefore apparently fitting perfectly into the mainstream of people whose worries when it comes to being accepted depend solely on what they wear. You would not be able to spot them in the tube. Certainly not in the bus! “Only black and poor people take the bus”.

What will help you recognise them is what happens when they feel safe, surronded by like-minded people whose views, like theirs, are now more and more on the margins forcing them to see the mainstream ever-growing caring tolerance as politically correct. “Why are people not telling the blacks they are lazy anymore? And why can’t I just say it without being called a racist?! It’s all PC gone mad, I tell you!”

No, it’s just people leaving behind cheap, unfounded stereotypes that we know used to feed hatred but are, obviously, still feeding these people’s casual, tea time racism. The one behind closed door with the like-minded neighbours, friends and family or the one from the comment sections of the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the Spectator where a surname and a vague picture hide just enough.

These people refute the term of course. They are not racists! They are “just telling the truth”. They are “saying out loud what everyone thinks”. No, everyone does not think that. “Why aren’t they arguing back then?” Because we know it leads to nowhere. There is no need to argue with someone who managed to both convince themselves that black people are intrinsically lazy yet it’s not racism. You may as well try to convince a moth that they are stupid and the light will burn them.

And frankly, for having confronted these people many times, they are not worth your time. They are desperately unhappy with the way the world is slipping out of their hands, they are feeling threatened and they don’t want to listen to you or anyone unless they agree with them and feed more ammunition to their intolerence.

In their eyes, they have the power or they should have the power at least: the colour of their skin, their owning a house, their having never lived outside of their homeland, their 2.7 children, their private-schooling, their living in the countryside where the Prime Minister himself lives…All that should allow them to shape the world as they wish and yet it’s going away, it’s changing. There is some kind of natural force that allowed their son to have a black girlfriend, how is that possible? In a private school? “It must be PC again! The school let her in because they need to fulfil some leftist PC quotas! There is no way a black and a girl could have outperformed a white boy at the entry exam. And if she did, there is no way black parents could afford it!”. You think I make it up? You’ll see…

This people’s pretending to speak for the people in general, their claiming that they are the voice of the unspoken truth is a desperate attempt to counteract what they know already: their world is going to die with them. When Death finally does us all a favour and reaps them, it’s another outdated view that dies away.

For a while, when moving to England, I have lived with people like this and they are living in complete denial, closing their eyes to the truth, even the most scientific of it, looking to the skies when proved wrong thinking that if they ignore it and repeat that it doesn’t and shouldn’t exist, it will eventually go away. Maybe they will have managed to convince a couple of their children, but once they leave home, they will see the real world and what mummy and daddy said about the blacks and gay people will fly out of the window. Or maybe it won’t and they will be left even more isolated in a world that is, slowly but surely, changing for the best.

The reasons why I confronted these people is after they told me that homophobia is dead, as well as racism, sexism and frankly, all forms of segregations and intolerance. Weirdly, these people are ready to say that the world have moved away from it. Which is the most transparent and childish excuse to look like they are just expressing turths, rather than slanders. They observe and witness, they have no ideology. “They are not Hitler, you know!”

If I understood correctly, we, the gays, are just perpetuating the myth of people persecuting us, treating unfairly, refusing us the same rights based on our sole sexuality because we only understand ourselves as eternal victims. We are “getting something out of it”. Some kind of “favourable treatment and exposure”. We are truly “desperate to appear bigger than we are so we can convert others and make it seem like it’s normal.” – Genuine quote, I wrote it on my phone. Quite articulate and well put, the person was not drunk or angry. Just using their freedom of speech.

As an answer, I thought I would just take some screenshots of the comments from the Spectator – where these people do feel comfortable and surronded by sister minds – under an article calling the boycott of Dolce & Gabbana a “hissy” fit basically. Incidentally, the Spectator’s editor in chief is Boris Johnson. Nobody then expect the mayor of London. I say it to diffuse the idea that the views in the following comments can be rooted all the way to the depth of the establishment.





Of course, these people will tell you that they have nothing again gay people, they are just saying the truth, they are ‘just exercising their right to free speech’. I find hilarious that they purposely go onto the Guardian, a leftwing paper, which they obviously do not read for anything else that winding themselves up to the point of no return where they then vomit openly in the comment section, get banned and come to the Spectator to rant about it.

I did not select these comments, just took some random screenshots down to the bottom of the page. I could have done the same with the Daily Mail but not the Telegraph, you have to pay!

I am not going to put the link because…fuck them but the piece was happily thrown up by Melanie McDonagh, for those who would like to check on the comments. It’s priceless. You do have an Oscar something that comes again and again to deliver some frankly uneducated short punch-lines. I am surprised Nigel Farrage or Marine Le Pen haven’t been employed by the paper yet. .

As far as Melanie is concerned – who by the way also doesn’t show her face but a caricature (of journalism), I hope she cleaned her keyboard afterwards, it must reek of bile covered carrott.


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