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The long read: Brexit – After thoughts


It’s a “I want to divorce!” not just thrown in the face of the European Union, about whom it is difficult to say how much the people do care, but also, and most importantly for them, from the UK to the UK itself. So of course, there are the usual steps of copying: surprise, anger, denial, inner fighting and inner questioning. However, when there could be a way to find peace and solutions, all I see is bitterness and even greater divide.

The Remainers.

They are the divorcee but the ones I blamed the most. They did not fight enough: arrogance? hubris? taking results granted? “Even a simpleton would see it’s bad to leave”, one said to me. They are the ones who thought they had the upper-hand on all aspects of the marriage, felt threatened towards the end but as they never thought they’d have to try and convince anyone, it was too late. They failed and never managed to convince its disgruntled other half to go along with what they think is the best for both.

Of course they are sore losers. Who wouldn’t? They genuinely believe that their vision is the way forward, not just for themselves but for everyone: old and young, poor and rich, natives and migrants, here or there, alive or to be born.

So, yes, they are sore and hurting. As a European in heart and mind, I understand it goes far beyond saying “yes” or “no” to some what kind of food we want to import or tax rates. It’s about their future falling apart. For them everything is gone by now. Hopes and dreams they never bothered to communicate have been replaced by fear their leaders played on. It backfired, they are the ones to be dreading and angry, not the opposite side.

What I don’t understand is the violence with which they are now attacking the Brexiters who are all dismissed as daft peasants whose racism and xenophobia equal their inability to see what’s good for them. They are good for nothing, they know nothing. Just check..everywhere! “Old”, “without a degree”, “poor”, “illiterate”, “easily fooled”, “intolerant”…

Who are you to talk about tolerance when you are happy to dismiss the choice of a majority and/or demand to be heard again because you have convinced yourself that only you know better?

For me, London encompasses what Remainers are sadly becoming. They could change their old ways of disdain for others whilst contemplating their own achievements and start to listen so they could find empathy and try to find solutions. They could stop looking down on whoever thinks differently and insult everyone who has different views because this is actually part of what lead the second city of the country to vote “Leave”.

The Remainers could try to accept and rebuild under their own terms, if they are so powerful and clever. No, instead, they are dismissing the choice of 52% of voters because it’s not their own, they are wishing the worse on them all the while pushing for a referendum that, this time, will be binding because they are convinced the results will satisfy them, they are pushing their beloved self-appointed beacon of civilisation (London) to part ways with the rest of that “stupid, outdated, backward-looking, good-for-nothing and racist’ country. Not a good way to rebuild and be strong as one.

I might be the harshest on them because I expect better from my peers. And I also know they will manage to get the better out of this situation because they do have the intellectual, economic and political means so instead of punishing the other half, be a better person and try to mend your ways.


The Brexiters

The divorcer. They want out, they are fed up, they want their country back, whatever that means.

It’s difficult to picture a Brexiter because I know many and none of them are the same person and I can’t help but feeling that they are going to be the worst affected by this decision and I do have pity for them before anger.

They are the  xenophobes, the ones who unforgivably blame their own failure on foreigners, but they are also foreigners themselves. I know people from outside the EU who say they voted “Leave” because it’s not changing anything as far as they are concerned, but also because they have grown fed up of being told they were stealing British jobs. “Make the continentals go and see if those lazy Brits will actually accept to do their job…That should shake the rust off their racist back!”

The first ones believed Nigel Farage, the seconds bought happily to the Tory rhetoric of skiver vs strivers. They watch Benefit Street populated by lazy white people living the good life on benefits while they are working 15hrs/day to barely make a living and be able to diligently pay their taxes.

I am fascinated by Brexiters as I am trying to understand the scale of their wilful self-harm. A self-harm that comes with a smile and cheer. Why? For months, I have read and watched a lot about them, I have listened to them a lot and there is complete blindness and simplistic thinking in desperation.

There is foolishness too and a gob-smacking amount of narrow-mindness, especially within the older generation, the same who voted “IN” in 1970s and who refuses see the world for what it really is. I am not talking about accepting neo-capitalism and its jungle-like fight for survival for they are the first to champion these views. I am talking about this bovine refusal to leave a time that is not anymore.

When you hear them chanting “Great Britain will be great again”, you see the colonial past behind it where England was dominating everything: if not the world, at least the British Isles. They want to go back to a time before Brussels came in and forced London, not only to cough up the cash, but mostly to consider the other nations of the UK and devote them some power.

Today, they are happy. England is still at the wheel. Scotland said IN, they said OUT…It’s OUT then. Brilliant, we are still in control and will forever be now. Everybody’s happy.

But beyond the nostalgia of the ones who love to rewrite history they never bothered to learn because they “lived it”, there is the desperation of the ones who believed what they were told, did everything they were told to do and got nothing in return. Because they had nothing and still have nothing, they firstly did not buy to the Cassandras in the Remain Camp predicting economic Armageddon. For them, it’s a reality, not an oracle. Nothing has been, is and will be going to be better for them, nor their children and that’s they cannot see that the UK is what it is because of its own politicians, not because of Europe.

Yes, I do feel pity for these ones because they were, once again, used and abused by the ones fighting for power.


The politicians.

In a nutshell, when you play with fire you are going to get burnt.

First, Tories and Labour, forty years of blaming the EU for every single of your own unpopular policy is not going to be wiped out within two months of lukewarm campaigning. We like to say that people don’t listen to politicians anymore, it’s true. Most Brexiters think Farage and Johnson are as corrupted and deceiving as the leaders of the Remain camp. But in the long term, words do sink in. The 2010 and 2015 Tory victories were won on scaremongering about immigration, “EU diktats” and making Britain great again. Labour has found nothing better to do than join in or remain silent in fear of losing the votes.

The Brexiters did nothing except believe the endless Brussels bashing and finger-pointing London has been doing since the day it entered. Just look at the opinion of Europe since 1973 and it’s constantly going down, governments after governments. I think the only thing we can admire the Liberal Democrats for is to have always proudly advertised their pro-Europeans stance.

The Labour? Well, it should be ashamed to have let the Tories take control of the debate on the EU they actually endorse. Yes, their reputation is in tatters after they left their own voters behind, became aloof and ignoring of what people wanted (the No to the war in Iraq) but they went the easy way. They could have regained dignity breaking away with Blair and his murderous and corrupted cronies. Only Labour can be the link between the elite and the working class today, through unions mostly, so they could have educated their voters on the benefits of the EU everytime the Tories went on the attack since the 1970s. However, they made the mistake of leaving it to people to figure out the Conservatives were lying and when the damage was done, they became scared of alienating their few voters left further so they just joined the half-baked and outlandish scaremongering of the Tories. No hopes, just fears. That’s not what the Left should be selling.

Speaking of fears, Cameron eventually paid the price by wanting to ride the ones of the voters for political gain. I talked about it earlier but something did not add up during this frankly daft campaign. Europe went from the source of all evil in 2014 to the best thing that has ever happened to the UK in mid-2016. I know he was trying to straddle every Tory fences and have it both ways. We talked about him maybe being a political genius in managing such a feat. No, he became yet another victim of his own making by lighting the fire under a slow-cooker with no pressure valve called “Populism.”

Farage’s and Johnson’s reputations precede them but Cameron is now going to be the one who triggered the end of the United Kingdom and serves him right.


The media.

Two words: excruciatingly appalling. I am not talking about tabloids, they think publishing pictures of Xabi Alonso’s half-naked toddling daughters playing on the beach is in the public interest just because their faces are pixelated.

I am talking about the newspapers. Even the Guardian, my favourite. The analysis has been fantastic since the Leave vote but where were they before? Even the most serious newspapers threw proper journalistic investigation to the wind and became an open platform for both side’s dismal scaremongering. I got so fed up with the Guardian’s daily “Armageddon is coming with Leave” that I almost wrote to them to ask them if their columnists had been locked in the basement so no one could actually analyse what was behind the terrible forecasts they were made.

We had a couple of good analysis on how ridiculous it was for the Remain camp to bring in the big guns (Chiefs of IMF, Bank of England, NATO, EU…) to pile up the fear of voting Leave on the poor neighbourhoods of Northern England for the people, even Remainers, distrust these unelected elites and aloof institutions in the first place.

In the face of abysmally poor political debate, I was expecting the serious press to be there to inform us, to guide us and I truly believe the outcome of the vote would have been different had they done their job properly of informing and educating the adults. Instead, they set themselves as nothing but a relay for one or the other side.

The EU.

We’ll be fine. We’ll kick out the UK asap with harsh negotiations to ensure no one else is tempted to leave and regroup as 27. Notwithstanding, there is now only hope that the elite reflects (for more than 2 weeks before the holidays!) and understands that populism is nothing to be dismissed or used for political gain. It is a time bomb waiting to explode. People who are afraid are not all racists or xenophobes, people who hate are not all bad in essence and deserve to be ignored, people who rebel are not all a threat and the majority’s silence does not mean it agrees with you.

We say France is next. I would not be surprised. All above is exactly what is happening with a man who think his winning the majority of votes in 2012 gives him the right to discard his promises, betray his supporters, disregard his own people’s opinions, force laws through the parliament without debate and without even consulting his own rebelling party, and drag everyone who dares fight in the dirt, when not hitting them directly.

This Leave vote is first and foremost a shout to the aloof, down-looking, self-righteous and dismissing elite so it is time people are listened to – which does not mean we have to agree with them. But we need to take time to know them, to educate and stop rushing through for our own greatness (every country wants its EU presidency to remembered) and in the name of “superseding considerations people would not understand”. We will understand, just explain. Yes, it takes time but it will eventually prevent such vote that brings down 40 years of hard work.


The UK

Right now, there is healing to be done in the UK. They will never amount to anything if they can’t manage to find a way to be one again. I don’t hold on too many hopes, though.

Firstly because I am convinced Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to break away. When the Tories were elected in 2015, I said it would open a fascinating time as a historian for Scotland and NI would not put up with London’s overbearing unique voice anymore, not with Brussels acting as a shield. Putting up with Tory governments and ministers they have no elected is one thing, being forced out of the EU they want to keep because it made them the proud nations they are today is another and one they will never accept.

Now there is England and Wales plagued by infighting, anger, denial and hatred. Remainers want a new referendum. How can they be so sure people would vote like they want? Why would the second one be more biding than the first one which was an electoral promise kept and planned months in advance by the democratically elected Prime Minister? What if the result is indeed different? What would stop the Brexiters from launching another petition signed by millions for a third one? When will it stop ?

There is talk of forcing the Stay through the Parliament but Cameron was clear on that : the people has spoken. What best way is there to push people towards the extremes by, yet again, having Westminster ignoring the voice of the masses and doing whatever it likes because the outcomes is displeasing them?

Cameron has jumped the boat he stirred into the rocks, the Tories are already tearing each other to piece to get a new leader by October. The Lib Dems are dead silent. The Labour is in disarray as it is its voters in its heartlands that helped the Eurosceptic get what they always wanted. This vote was also a punishment on Tony Blair and his New Labour for it has embraced overbearing London and chummed up with the financial elite to the detriment of the working class. How can they reconnect now?

The Remain campaign said the country would sink if they left. Today, England and Wales need to prove all the forecasts wrong by being strong and united to get make the most of a bad situation. Instead, they are as weak and divided as ever, creating the perfect conditions for the planned Armageddon to happen.


Something doesn’t add up…

When I left England in 2014, the Conservatives were campaigning on a scaremongering programme that struck me, a European citizen, as extremely anti-Europe. The message was that, on top of losing Scotland if Labour passed, voting for anyone but them would worsen the current situation where the UK had become a free pick and mix of assets for all Europeans to abuse and lay bare.

They talked about “Health Tourism” and its outlandish claim that the continentals were the biggest strain and threat to the NHS for it was very easy to take advantage of. Speeches after speeches described how we were all coming to the UK to get free treatment, all paid by the British taxpayers who could not do anything because it was a European requirement to staying in. UK had to go to be able to stop this abuse. Where has it gone?

As a Frenchman, I was told and was hearing, day in day out, that I was stealing British jobs. Please do find a British who would accept to work 12-14hrs/day in a school where they teach French, German, Spanish and Astrophysics. You haven’t since I left? Interesting…

Okay, maybe I was not stealing a job as such but I was still a liability to UK’s full employment because I was here living the life a British could be living and there was nothing Brits could do for letting me live in the Midlands was a requirement to belonging to the EU. The UK had to go to find full employment again. Where has it gone?

They talked about immigrations in the wider terms, a “true invasion” that was threatening the British culture and putting a costly and unnecessary strain on schools, and other institutions, that not only had to teach British children with close to no funding, but take extra time to teach immigrants’ kids what it takes to be British. UK had to go to be able to control its borders for belonging to the EU was forcing them to accept people they did not want and were too high-maintenance. Where has it gone?

They were criminals too, that was the problem, the government said. Brains are fine…ish, money’s always welcome but it’s poor criminals who were flooding the shores of Albion and the UK not being able to deal with them the way it actually wanted to because it had to conform to some European convention on Human Rights. Rapists, paedophiles, child-killers, abusers, wife-beaters, drug dealers…Multiple times criminals that UK was forced to set free or treat fancily at great costs of money and lives. UK had to go in order to regain control on its own policing – presumably to accommodate rich dictators and despots in London empty luxury flats. Where has it gone?

Being British, money needs to be at the centre of anything: we heard about billions of pounds given to European technocrats who would then use it to spoil lazy French farmers or undeserving Greek struggling public servants. UK had to go to regain control of its finance, stop this robbery in plain sight and ensure the money it was making would stay within its borders and used as it wishes. Everyone was suffering: from the worldwide British banks to the house prices of everyday people. Where has it gone?

Weeks, months, years of tension building up between London and Brussels with Westminster throwing around accusations and thriving for independence in a copycat way Edinburgh did a year before with London.

Where on Earth has it all gone?! The continentals sucking up the NHS dry, the freed paedos and their Human Rights, the immigrants stealing jobs driving wages down and house prices up, the billions unfairly fed to Brussels…Are all these problems the Conversatives mentioned in 2014 really solved? Where is 2014’s plucky Britainia who stood up to Hitler and would again rise to save and inspire the world in resisting European invasion in all its forms?

In a desperate campaign where both sides are akin to Jehovah Witnesses (We are all going to die! Do join us if you want to…who knows?), the Conservatives are suddenly listing all the benefits of the EU: security, money, power. If the UK goes, it’s the WWIII at once, billions lost, taxes up, years of the worst economic downturn ever predicted – by experts who did not even see the economic crisis coming in the first place.

In a nutshell, from the worst thing that has ever happened to the UK, EU is now the best.

What happened? Something doesn’t add up. Were they lying at the time or are they lying now?

I go for both.

Orlando is first and foremost about homophobia.

I am not here to talk about what gay people are going to do for it is simple: Keep living and carry on loving.

We have been the victims of all kinds of abuse since the dawn of monotheist religions: we have been denied, ignored, shamed, insulted, persecuted, trialled, imprisoned, exiled, assaulted, tortured in the name of finding a cure, burnt and murdered. And we still are. It has however never stopped us and it never will because we have no control over our heart which leads us to love.

I am here to talk about the desperation of the Right (mainly) and the major religious bodies in trying to condemn the act without having to change their rhetoric. We are told the killer has radicalised on line. No, he has not but right-wingers are all too happy to follow their archenemy Obama, for once. How convenient…The on-line, the unknown, the dark side, the uncontrollable where everything happens and all Evil springs.

Maybe the killer has indeed found a flag to fly on-line, the one of Daesh and the caliphate, but one needn’t go on line to find, hear, read, witness the reasons he proudly advertised as being his motivations: he was outraged by the sight of two gay people kissing. Two men, two women, who cares? His father brought water to the mill. He said his son killed “these faggots” because he was disgusted by them.

There are a lot of things you will solely find on-line but homophobia is not one of them. It is everywhere.

It is in the words and actions of our leaders, in every speech made by right-wing parties. It is in the US Congress, l’Assemblée Nationale, The House of Commons, Der Bundestag and all seats of democracies when debating any kind of laws that would put gay people on par with straight people. In France, MPs used the hemicycle to quote the Nazis almost words for words except that “Jews” was replaced by “Gays” such as: “Gays are the undertakers of mankind.” Putin has erected himself as a leader of the world against homosexuality, turning Russia into a lab of what a country can “lawfully” do to eradicate it. However, most countries did not wait for him to light the bonfire as most of Africa and Asia will kill you for being or suspecting you of being gay.

It is in the street, loud and proud. In France, for example, under the banner of La Manif Pour Tous – The Demonstration For Everyone – populated by people who don’t hesitate to drag their toddlers and under-10s in the streets of the major French cities holding signs saying that they “don’t want to marry their brother”. The link? Gayness, incest, paedophilia…All is linked obviously and proudly shouted by people in the name of freedom of expression.

It is at the core of our societies in the name of religion: Judaim, Christianity, Islam all based on books supposedly mentioning homosexuality as a crime punishable by death. These books are 2000 to 1400 years old and so vague that it can be interpreted as one wish – hence the countless currents, divisions and endless infighting behind three banners: Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Calvinists, Lutherans, Sunnis, Shiites, Yazedis, Jews, Orthodox Jews, Ashkenazi Jews…However, they find their common ground in the God-wanted submission of women and eradication of homosexuality.

Let’s focus a second on Catholicism for two reasons: it is the only one to have an official, universally acknowledged, accepted and followed hierarchy and it prides itself of being the heir of the Ancient Greek democratic process and the inspiration for all modern democratic process. What does it say about homosexuality? A sin. With various degrees of punishment – Hell being the softest as they, thankfully, have no control over where we do or don’t go after we die. They have been fiercely and continuously condemning every single equality law in every single country with an extra layer of hate speech in the name of a God.

What about the killer in all this? The killer’s father was very clear: his son’s mistake was to have believed it was his duty to carry God’s punishment. He should not have done it. It was for God to decide, not him. The death of gay people is justified and a good thing, but just not that way. I’ll let you digest the the failure of our education system and thrive for tolerance as they are constantly attacked by everyone on the right of the political spectrum.

The killer did not radicalise on-line. He didn’t radicalise because his parents are Afghans. He did not radicalise because he was a Muslim. He radicalised because the world is still crusading against something people have no control on: their feelings. And at the head of this crusade are right-wingers and religious authorities whose desperation is growing as days pass.

Indeed, they need to join the chorus of voices condemning the killing by an Muslim because that’s at the core of their scaremongering push for dominance, however the motives are their own rhetoric. How do you condemn someone who justified his killing innocents using what you gleefully preach? How dare the Catholic Church “empathise with families” when they believe their murdered loved ones are now burning in Hell?

So, in addition to trying to come to terms with the atrocities, the past few days have forced us, the LGBT community, to listen to our usual attackers removing the LGBT factor from the picture altogether. The gayness of people is irrelevant in all this, we hear. Suddenly, we are all one, all Westerners in war against the same enemy, radical Islam, or just Islam for most anti-gay people. This is no hate crime which is coming as a direct consequence of their increasingly violent push for institutionalised intolerance and exclusion. What the killer said were his motives was just a cover, it’s nothing in the grand scheme of things, just a detail from a mad man. It’s Daesh, it’s Islam, this is a proper terrorist attack and we are all in this together (and those who disagree are therefore in line with Daesh.)

Bottom-line, deniers will be deniers. The traditionally anti-gay commiserating and expressing sympathy for the families need to move the debate on grounds that are more convenient to them, especially as it erases their hate speech as one of the main sources of the problem. I am not denying there is more to what he did than homophobia. Notwithstanding, it is not bad enough for them to deny us in life, they also deny us in death to protect, if not further, their agenda. This is beyond the pale.

L’image de la France: On n’est jamais ce qu’on pense être.

L’inquiétude règne parmi nos dirigeants, nos élites, les directeurs des grandes entreprises, des leaders des grandes « associations » des secteurs d’économie– ils n’aiment plus le terme syndicat. Mais ce n’est pas parce que le pouvoir d’achat de la population baisse, que son futur est noir donc qu’elle ne préfère garder son argent pour le strict minimum en attendant des jours meilleurs, ce qui, forcément paralyse la croissance. Ce n’est pas non plus parce que le gouvernement ne fait rien pour véritablement aider cette population si ce n’est d’augmenter son sentiment d’insécurité et de paralysie.

Non, l’inquiétude vient de l’image qu’on donne. Tel un gentilhomme des années 1950 qui s’inquiète de ce que les voisins vont penser quand ils ne verront pas sa femme à l’église ce dimanche, ni celui d’après, ou encore le suivant. « Quelle image son action irresponsable et égoïste va-t-elle donner de moi ? » Le fait que sa femme souffre, soit malheureuse, qu’elle fasse tous les sacrifices, qu’elle en ait marre de se conformer et d’obéir à ses préceptes sans bouger n’est pas le problème,  pourquoi ne continue-t-elle pas à faire semblant pour le bien de la famille – en un mot : lui ?

Cet homme s’est fabriqué toute une image autour de ce qu’il est, ce qu’il représente et une femme silencieuse, travailleuse et polie en fait partie. Il n’a pas la moindre idée de ce que pensent réellement ses voisins, ils parlent une autre langue, mais c’est comme ça qu’il explique son statut et maintenant, il est inquiet. Pas pour elle, mais pour lui, bien qu’ils parlent toujours au nom des deux.

Voilà le souci de nos élites politiques et économiques. Elles sont une minorité qui aime à parler au nom de la majorité et en notre nom, la France, elles disent qu’il est temps de mettre fin à tous ses enfantillages irresponsables, de retourner au travail gentiment et de les laisser gérer le pays sans qu’on se plaigne. Comme cette femme soumise, il est temps qu’on comprenne qu’ils savent ce qui est bon pour nous et qu’on se laisse couler, sans se soucier des conséquences puisqu’elles seront positives…même si elles n’auront pas l’air.

Le problème c’est que les voisins ne sont pas dupes mais vous en avez plusieurs et il est important de savoir à qui on veut plaire. Si, pour leur argent, il s’agit de plaire à des dictatures ou des semblants de démocraties comme la Chine, la Russie, la Turquie ou les despotes des pays pétroliers, effectivement les grévistes sont une nuisance. Face à ces pays dont la violence est institutionnelle, la France fait preuve de faiblesse. Il est grand temps que les élites utilisent les pleins pouvoirs de l’Etat qu’elles contrôlent contre les citoyens qui refusent de se laisser dominer. Il faut suivre leur logique et la logique est que l’Etat n’est là que pour servir ceux qui ont réussi à y entrer au dépend de la majorité.

Là, je suis d’accord, ces voisins voient la France d’un très mauvais œil. Mais d’un autre côté, il est bon de rappeler qu’un ministre chinois à accuser les journalistes canadiens d’arrogance et limite de racisme quand ils ont osé poser une question sur les droits de l’homme. L’art de jouer la victime pour sauver la face quand la réalité de qui vous êtes vous frappe de plein fouet.

S’il s’agit de plaire à ce type de personne, le représentant du tourisme en France a raison : les blocages, les grèves sont catastrophiques pour l’image de la France. Quel milliardaire saoudien viendra en France si on ne peut pas montrer qu’on contrôle les Sans-Costards aussi bien qu’il le fait ?

Maintenant, les autres pays, nos autres voisins, ne sont pas dupes car ils aussi sont des démocraties, ils ont des syndicats, des manifestations, des grèves, des gens en colère qui descendent dans les rues et agissent pour défendre leur gagne-pain, leur futur et celui de leurs enfants. Ils savent que ça fait partie de processus démocratique aussi douloureux que ce soit.

Pour ces gens-là, ces autres peuples démocratiques que des lois permettent de partir en vacances avec un salaire décent, la vision de la France va du stéréotype gentillet…

-Les français ne se lavent pas, c’est pour ça qu’on a inventé le parfum.
-Les hommes français sont des éjaculateurs précoces.
-Les femmes ne se rasent pas.
-On ne mange que du pain, des grenouilles, du cheval, le tout avec de l’ail.
-On porte des bérets et des colliers d’oignons.

…à la méconnaissance des réalités..

-On ne travaille jamais.
-On est toujours en vacances.

…jusqu’aux jugements sans appels qui font plus de mal que tous les grevistes réunis:

-On est volontiers racistes et homophobes (Merci la Manif pour Tous!)
-La classe politique et économique est dominée par des vieux sexistes qui harcèlent – voire violent – les femmes sans impunité.
-Les présidents sont entretenus à vie par les impôts des français, même quand ils ne sont plus en exercices, et la plupart sont corrompus mais une loi empêche qu’ils soient poursuivis.
-Le leader du parti d’opposition est un ancien criminel qui a piqué dans la caisse.
-Nos dirigeants donnent des leçons de conduite au monde entier (Valls en Israël et Palestine; Macron au Royaume-Uni) dans un cas classique de Faites ce que je dis mais ne faites pas ce que je fais.
-Quant aux français eux-mêmes, on est arrogants. On refuse de parler anglais, même dans les endroits les plus touristiques. On ignore volontiers les étrangers à qui on n’a pas demandé de venir et qui nous forcent à faire des heures de queue pour voir nos propres monuments.

Voilà ce que des amis allemands, espagnols, italiens, japonais, anglais, suédois, russes, iraniens, égyptiens, australiens, mexicains, argentins, et j’en passe, m’ont dit sur la vision que leur pays avaient de la France.

Les grèves ? Les manifestations ? Le peuple en colère ? Ils ont ça chez eux aussi et ils savent tous qui est responsable : la classe politique et économique dominante qui pousse pour toujours plus de pouvoir. Regardez les autres pays et vous y verrez des choses identiques, partout.

Comme je l’ai dit les gens ne sont pas dupes donc, contrairement aux propos alarmistes, ils ne vont pas tous annuler leurs vacances sur les plages de la Côte d’Azur juste parce que nos dirigeants peignent volontiers une image de chaos dont ils se disent victimes tant rassurant sur leur capacité à contrôler la populace.

Au-delà des stéréotypes, la vraie image de la France vue de l’étranger en ce moment est une totale incompréhension : comment a-t-on pu en arriver là ? En lisant, The Guardian, the Frankfurter Zeitung, El País et les autres journaux sérieux, vous y trouvez les mêmes réflexions sur la France.

On y parle pas d’actes irresponsables de syndicats mais on y voit une démocratie issue des Lumières, qui se sont dressées face au pouvoir absolu, une démocratie qui promeut le dialogue avant l’affrontement, le consensus et les Droits de l’Homme dont elle se fend être la créatrice. Une démocratie qui vit sous la banière de Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité mais où se succèdent des images de la police qui frappent des immigrés, des communautés, des grévistes, des travailleurs, des journalistes, des manifestants pacifistes, des passants et surtout des enfants de 15, 16, 17 ans. Ces images font le tour du monde, pas celles des piquets de grève.

Les pays voisins savent que ces mouvements ne sont pas d’hier et décidé sur un coup de tête. Ils admirent les nuits dans la rue de cette jeunesse qu’on présente volontiers comme apathique et je-m’en-foutiste mais qui se mobilise encore pour son futur. Ils savent que ça fait des mois qu’on veut négocier, discuter, qu’on n’est pas à 100% contre la loi du travail mais qu’on veut pouvoir en parler et l’améliorer. Ils savent que les Français voulaient et veulent qu’elle soit une véritable construction nationale pour le futur et non une imposition seulement appréciée des patrons qui rejettent l’Etat sauf quand il s’agit de défendre leurs intérêts et des économistes qui s’y connaissent tellement bien qu’aucun n’a vu la crise venir.

Ils savent très bien que le  gouvernement a toujours refusé de discuter. Dès le premier, ils savent qu’on nous a infantilisé: “C’est oui ou le 49:3 donc c’est oui ou..oui”. Ils ont vu et largement commenté chaque manifestation pacifiste qui s’est soldée par un « Non, on ne discutera de rien ! Mais voilà les CRS… ».

Nos voisins savent que le gouvernement était en minorité et que c’est pour ça qu’il a abusé de la constitution pour passer en force contre la Droite qui en voulait plus, la Gauche qui en voulait moins et la population qui n’avait pas élu ces gens pour ça.

L’image de la France actuelle est un gouvernement qui a été élu sur des promesses, un programme et qui au milieu de son mandat, et sans rien dire à son électorat (le Premier Ministre l’a avoué lui-même), a complétement changé de politique sans en discuter.

C’est ça la France pour les étrangers : une impasse car un manque de dialogue qui vient d’un total mépris des élites pour ce que le peuple veut et dit. Un gouvernement qui appuie son pouvoir absolu sur les chiffres qu’il a obtenu aux dernières élections tout en trahissant les raisons mêmes qui ont justifié ces chiffres. Un gouvernement qui refuse le dialogue avec la société civile sous prétexte qu’elle s’exprime tous les cinq ans pour cinq ans et que c’est bien suffisant.

Pour tous les Européens du Nord, les plus riches, par exemple, c’est un concept aberrant : utiliser le choix du peuple contre le peuple. Quand le peuple a véritablement choisi ses élites…Aujourd’hui, le ministre de l’économie, qui dit à 65 millions de français comment les choses vont se passer, n’a jamais été élu par qui que ce soit. Il n’a jamais fait l’expérience d’une campagne, d’un programme à défendre et il n’a toujours pas à le faire, la machine de l’Etat lui permet d’imposer sa vision sans que le Parlement n’ait son mot à dire. Il n’a jamais dû répondre ou justifier de ses idées et la preuve en est : sa totale incapacité à considérer l’opinion des autres sans les rabaisser et les insulter.

Voilà la vision de la France vu de l’étranger. Des élites qui abusent de la démocratie, qui s’érigent en représentants d’un peuple entier sans avoir à considérer son avis, un système qui assure cette domination et la renforce. Le résultat : des gens qui veulent plus de démocratie sur lesquels on tape sans ménagement, une abstention massive aux élections parce qu’on sait que les choses ne seront jamais comme on nous les promet, et finalement une attirance vers les partis plus extrêmes qui nous mentent autant quand ils dénoncent l’establishment, mais qui n’ont jamais été au pouvoir donc qui sait ?

Messieurs Valls et Hollande peuvent prétendre ce qu’ils veulent, personne n’est dupe (bien qu’il y en ait qui font bien semblant) : l’image chaotique de la France vient de leur trahison que le peuple n’a pas accepté et nos voisins ne prennent pas à leur jeu de défenseurs de la modernité quand ils sont l’expression d’une démocratie archaïque.

Et honnêtement tout ça, les touristes s’en foutent ! On va bien en Chine malgré la dictature et bronzer dans les pays du Golfe malgré la sharia donc les grèves sont un moindre mal qui n’arrêtera que les imbéciles.