Monthly Archives: October 2016


And sometimes I hear myself say “No” before I try.
And even if I did it all wrong, would that be so wrong?

Alex Winston – Careless


How to get away with rape

A rape victim is judged for what clothes she wears, how much she drank, her behaviour with the defendant, and how quickly she reported the allegation to the police.

Julie Bindel


Gay channeling

To the Republicans in the audience, E! is the channel your deeply closeted gay son likes to watch. To the Democrats, E! is the channel your happy openly gay son likes to watch.

Joel McHale at the 2014 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


In the name of all

I did follow the London mayor debate and on the behalf of all Muslims – and that’s what I do, as a Muslim we always speak for all of us…There are 1.6 billion of us and I spoke to them all before I came here tonight. We are not very happy because he is not a “proper” Muslim. No beard.

Adil Ray on the subject of Sadiq Khan


In depends on beliefs

-What do human beings do?
-Mostly, they eat, sleep and hope they won’t die.
-Is that it?
-Unless they discover religion in which case, they eat, sleep and put their hopes in Death.

Scott Adams – Dilbert