Hatred as a lifestyle

I made this screenshot as I was scrolling down my Instagram newsfeed. The capture was made by Tim Kruger, a German gay porn star I follow – I’ll come back on the fascinating experience is it to follow (some) porn stars on social media.

Anyway, this homophobic comment was left to him and he decided to respond to it by encouraging others to stop homophobia. No hatred, no retaliation, comments are begging for him to give out the name of the sender, to go and hate him obviously, but no, Kruger is calling for social peace

Now, when you are on Instagram, you can go on the search page that will offer you countless recommendations but as they say clearly everytime you click on one of them, they are all “based on who you follow”, “similar to accounts you interact with” or “based on photos you liked”.

And, they never recommend you to follow porn stars. I do follow a couple of them, out of hundreds of other blogs and they have never recommended a single other, which is good, I believe. You can look for them yourself.

Which brings me to the sender of that homophobic message: he cannot have stumbled upon Tim Kruger just like that rather went to look for him to send that message. It was not just another “I’m fucking fed up!” rant because once again the algorithm gets it horribly wrong, like when it suggests I follow alt-right blogs, just because I liked a picture of Hillary Clinton once.

No, that man is hating as a lifestyle. He went on his phone, computer, tablet or whatever and purposefully looked for a gay person to abuse just for the sake of abusing them. Kruger posted it and brought it to the world for the greater good but how many other gay people have received the same message but we don’t know about because they don’t have a lot of followers or have decided to ignore it? How many gay people is this man (and millions of his ilks) willingly looking for and willfully abusing everyday? How many gay people don’t have the strength and self-confidence Kruger has? How many gay people are brought to even more self-loathing, depression, even closer to suicide everyday by that kind of cheap but calculated and targeted hatred?

The alt-right likes to brand themselves as the victim of everything and everyone nowadays, their uncontrolled hate speech towards pretty much everything constantly “under attack” from “censorship” and “political correctness”. And It’s unfortunately not going to stop for their reading of history says that victimhood is what made rights movements successful.

What Kruger did is the best way to fight back against the current tide of proudly racist, sexist and homophobic conservatism. It must be exposed all the time, at all costs for this message  and every other hate messages are a reminder of what every member of a minority (and women) is still facing everyday and if stopping it gets labelled “censorship” and “political correctness”, be it.


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