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So I went on the Internet today and I…binge ate!

Things were going fine until he explained he had made brownies not using sugar but coconut sugar and instead of butter, he used avocado and coconut oil.
… … …
I suddenly had a glimpse of the future of food lead by health-freaks so instead of watching the video to the end, I went to the kitchen and ate a whole jar of strawberry jam with a spoon – before it’s replaced by kale and coconut paste obviously!


En bref: César Polanski

Il y a donc actuellement un appel au boycott de la cérémonie des Césars après que le comité est décidé de faire honneur à Polanski en lui offrant le boulot de président pour cette année. Un honneur mérité pour son travail mais aussi, et surement, pour avoir admis sa culpabilité après qu’il ait drogué et violé une fille de 13 ans.

L’ancienne Ministre de la Culture s’exprimait donc sur le sujet en disant que “C’est une chose qui s’est passée il y a 40 ans. On ne peut pas continuer à parler de ça à chaque fois qu’on parle de lui parce que ça appartient maintenant au passé. C’est juste une cérémonie.”

Si c’est “juste” une cérémonie, pourquoi son boycott vous pose-t-il un tel problème?

Le mot “juste” implique l’absence total d’intérêt véritable à accorder à cette mascarade d’auto-féliciation dont tout le monde se fiche, à part les femmes, qui “ne regardent que pour les robes.”, n’est-ce pas?

Il est clair que non, vous ne considérez pas ça comme “juste” une cérémonie sinon vous n’auriez pas fait ce genre de déclaration méprisante et insultante. Et bien, les gens qui appellent au boycott pensent comme vous: c’est une cérémonie qui compte et le message envoyé à travers la nomination de Polanski comme président est important.

Le temps effacera votre contribution à la culture français mais ce n’est pas à lui d’effacer les crimes du passé, ni à vous d’en décider mais à une justice duement rendue, ce qui n’est jamais arrivé dans le cas de Polanski malgré ses aveux. Et il le sait lui-même, ayant, depuis quarante, vécu de pays en pays au fil de l’humeur de ces derniers au sujet de la demande d’extradition vers les Etats-Unis. Une demande que le temps n’a pas pu effacer.

Le fait que cet homme qui n’a pas le courage de ces actes d’ignominie soit sur le point de donner un prix à un film qui parle d’une victime de viol cherchant la vengeance est assez pour demander le boycott de la cérémonie.

In Brief: César Polanski

There is a call to boycott the French equivalent of the Oscars, Les Césars, because the committee thought it would be a good idea to hand over the hosting to a man who pleaded guilty to drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl.

A call to which the former French Ministre de la Culture replied: “It’s something that happened 40 years ago. One cannot bring up this affair every time we talk about him because there was a problem back then. It is just an awards ceremony.”

If it’s “just a ceremony”, why do you care so much as to comment upon its boycott? The word “just” implies its lack of significance, it’s yet another tedious, self-congratulating event no one really cares about and women only watch for the dresses so what’s the fuss, hey?

Clearly, it’s not “just” a ceremony and you do take issue. Well, so do the people who think that time is not what brings closure to crimes. A properly served justice does. Which never happened in that case. And Polanski knows it, having moved from countries to countries for the past 40 years, according to how said countries are dealing with the on-going extradition demand from the US.

The fact that he will certainly be handing the big prize to a movie about a rape victim seeking revenge is worth a boycott, yes.

So I went on the Internet today and I found this…


I am not the one to put out mistakes but two words…That’s all they had to write in their title. Unless, my repulsive, liberal feminism is preventing me from understanding some kind of third-level meaning only accessible to proud sexists.

So I went on the Internet today and I found this…Tomi Lahren.



It’s one thing to be a Trump supporter but this need to constantly try to dissociate himself (and yourself) from elitism, nepotism and cronyism would be laughable if it were not so dangerous and insulting to the people who are actually forsaken outsiders.

Nepotism in Hollywood is indeed rife, like in every place where rich parents want the best for their children and think they might have the possibility to create a dynasty…

*cough* Beckhams! *cough*.

However, unlike in finance and real estate, where Trump bloomed thanks to his father’s money and proud nepotism, one cannot buy talent on the screen or/and behind the camera.

No amount of his father’s money or influence will ever allow Jayden Smith to amount to what the greatest actors have achieved. And the greatest rarely come from rich, elitist backgrounds. As Streep said at the beginning of her speech, some of the actors your cheap round shot labels as the “Hollywood elite” are coming from poor backgrounds, struggling families and have known hardship. Their success is not the produce of having been loaned a million dollars by their parents when they wanted to start. Their career reaching high skies have nothing to do with them having the outsiders’ cake and eat it too. Unlike Trump.

People like Meryl Streep are where they are solely because of hard work. They can indeed voice an opinion for millions to hear not because they belong to some kind of down-looking caste with self-entitled privileges, rather because they embody the American Dream of someone who have been working tirelessly hard to make their dreams come true, despite the odds and the barks of your likes. That’s why people to want to listen to them for they admire and respect them and what they represent, which is in line with what America is supposed to represent. Resulting to yet another low blow when they dare disagree with your view only shows the pettiness of your mind.

A mind which doesn’t reach very far to begin with. I mean, let me asking you this: who are these “Hollywood elites” anyway?

Do they include actors, producers, screenplays…who are openly right-wing and who support Trump? You will see some of their faces in the audience as Streep speaks. Do they also qualify to sit under the umbrella of your unmitigated insults or are they also “everyday Americans” just because they share your opinion on Trump, regardless of their wealth and how they achieved it?

I know you have not thought it through. I know you think every single of your thought is worth a tweet, better if swear words are used. I know your tweet belongs to this constant attempt to present yourself and your like-minded peers as the “real Americans”, victims of yet another undefined groups of people pulling the strings in their golden tower.

But if you were to actually observe, listen, open your eyes and see beyond the length of your nose, and truly consider the woman on stage speaking in that video and the man she talks about, you’ll find that the one living in a golden tower that rose from outrageous nepotism on the broken back of everyday hard-working Americans is Trump, not Streep.

I think the worst is that your are indeed, yourself, a hard-working American who has achieved greatness, fame and fortune very quickly from not much except dedication and a will of steel. However, your USSR-like, blind support for a man who is anything but you is preventing you from seeing and acknowledging who are your actual peers.

You have come to define the every day, hard-working Americans by their political views and as people who have the same as you do so you automatically dismiss anyone who doesn’t share yours as a privileged, aloof, out-of-touch member of an elite.