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Something doesn’t add up…

When I left England in 2014, the Conservatives were campaigning on a scaremongering programme that struck me, a European citizen, as extremely anti-Europe. The message was that, on top of losing Scotland if Labour passed, voting for anyone but them would worsen the current situation where the UK had become a free pick and mix of assets for all Europeans to abuse and lay bare.

They talked about “Health Tourism” and its outlandish claim that the continentals were the biggest strain and threat to the NHS for it was very easy to take advantage of. Speeches after speeches described how we were all coming to the UK to get free treatment, all paid by the British taxpayers who could not do anything because it was a European requirement to staying in. UK had to go to be able to stop this abuse. Where has it gone?

As a Frenchman, I was told and was hearing, day in day out, that I was stealing British jobs. Please do find a British who would accept to work 12-14hrs/day in a school where they teach French, German, Spanish and Astrophysics. You haven’t since I left? Interesting…

Okay, maybe I was not stealing a job as such but I was still a liability to UK’s full employment because I was here living the life a British could be living and there was nothing Brits could do for letting me live in the Midlands was a requirement to belonging to the EU. The UK had to go to find full employment again. Where has it gone?

They talked about immigrations in the wider terms, a “true invasion” that was threatening the British culture and putting a costly and unnecessary strain on schools, and other institutions, that not only had to teach British children with close to no funding, but take extra time to teach immigrants’ kids what it takes to be British. UK had to go to be able to control its borders for belonging to the EU was forcing them to accept people they did not want and were too high-maintenance. Where has it gone?

They were criminals too, that was the problem, the government said. Brains are fine…ish, money’s always welcome but it’s poor criminals who were flooding the shores of Albion and the UK not being able to deal with them the way it actually wanted to because it had to conform to some European convention on Human Rights. Rapists, paedophiles, child-killers, abusers, wife-beaters, drug dealers…Multiple times criminals that UK was forced to set free or treat fancily at great costs of money and lives. UK had to go in order to regain control on its own policing – presumably to accommodate rich dictators and despots in London empty luxury flats. Where has it gone?

Being British, money needs to be at the centre of anything: we heard about billions of pounds given to European technocrats who would then use it to spoil lazy French farmers or undeserving Greek struggling public servants. UK had to go to regain control of its finance, stop this robbery in plain sight and ensure the money it was making would stay within its borders and used as it wishes. Everyone was suffering: from the worldwide British banks to the house prices of everyday people. Where has it gone?

Weeks, months, years of tension building up between London and Brussels with Westminster throwing around accusations and thriving for independence in a copycat way Edinburgh did a year before with London.

Where on Earth has it all gone?! The continentals sucking up the NHS dry, the freed paedos and their Human Rights, the immigrants stealing jobs driving wages down and house prices up, the billions unfairly fed to Brussels…Are all these problems the Conversatives mentioned in 2014 really solved? Where is 2014’s plucky Britainia who stood up to Hitler and would again rise to save and inspire the world in resisting European invasion in all its forms?

In a desperate campaign where both sides are akin to Jehovah Witnesses (We are all going to die! Do join us if you want to…who knows?), the Conservatives are suddenly listing all the benefits of the EU: security, money, power. If the UK goes, it’s the WWIII at once, billions lost, taxes up, years of the worst economic downturn ever predicted – by experts who did not even see the economic crisis coming in the first place.

In a nutshell, from the worst thing that has ever happened to the UK, EU is now the best.

What happened? Something doesn’t add up. Were they lying at the time or are they lying now?

I go for both.


Just sayin’ Monday IV

*People always complain about the rain but if you look carefully the sunniest countries in the world are also the poorest.

*A woman who cooks, bakes cakes and fixes clothes is considered as a housewife. A man who cooks, bakes cakes and fixes clothes is considered as a chef, pastry chef and a fashion designer.

*A group of naked women is a “bunch of whores who should be ashamed of themselves” whereas a group of naked men are “such funny lads!”

*Parents will tell their daughters to not drink so not to get raped because they will not tell their sons that having sex with a semi-conscious, drunk girl is in fact rape.

*In a country with a weak state, the labour market is willingly at the mercy of greed of companies: zero-hour contracts, unpaid internships that “need” to last longer and longer, unpaid work experiences, unpaid overtime…The ideal labour for neo-capitalistic companies today is slavery: the work is done and costs nothing. That’s the aim to achieve.
But who will go for these jobs? The unemployed who are forced to take them under the threat of decadent poverty, yes but mostly foreigners. Natives have better expectations, they have been told and educated to aim higher and look at these jobs with disdain. And they should because no one deserves to give dedication and time for nothing. However, they also blame immigrants for taking these jobs and normalising them.
Immigrants are not employed to these jobs because they are “harder-working” like managers like to say, they are made to work these jobs because they are in need of a way to make it in a new society so they will do anything. A job is still the best way to assimilate in a new country and managers use and abuse this. They see immigrants as free-for-all, malleable, silent and docile labour that will not dare rebel.
Blaming migrants is to ignore that the companies were the ones to not only create and offer these jobs in the first place but also lobby the withering state for the normalisation and expansion of these types of modern slavery to the rest of the labour market. They are the ones who exploit human misery with the help of the state looking to apply them to the whole population by leveling down.
The more you deregulates labour, the easier you make it for private companies to worsen working conditions, the more low-skilled immigrants fleeing worst living conditions in their own country will come and the more people will think they are “stealing our jobs”.

*Unionists in the UK or Spain have forgotten that it’s the power of the state that keeps their country together. Reducing its grip and leaving it to the markets to do its job will only result in fragmentation. No private company in the world has the power to hold a whole country together, nor do they want to.
Different cultures stay together because they see a common purpose in the country lead by the state. They stay because the vision offered by the state is inspiring and when they look at their everyday life and future, they see in the state the certainty of their protection, security and well-being that depends on central government.
Today, as the state bows off to the markets, people are told that they can’t expect the state to be behind them at all time, to “nanny” them, to look after them, to tell them what to do and to care for them. That’s no surprise then that entire regions, cultures, people are taking matter into their own hands and marching towards the moment when they will indeed not need the British or Spanish centralised state anymore. That’s actually what capitalist orthodoxy is dictating.

*Facing with injustice, the English would say “It could be worse”, to which the French reply “Yes but it could also be better.”

*The French are chain-smoking, skinny, arrogant mean-girls whereas the English are drunken, promiscuous materialists. Women are not better.

*The neo-classical capitalism is looking to enforce his creation of the Homo Economicus where we are all characterised as consumers. “Tell me what you buy, I’ll tell you who you are.” We are expressing and defining our identities by what we buy. We are looking to make the world fit our own consumer interests and we interact with it as customers. “The customer is the king.”

*The US love to see themselves as the world police force and so do we. And yet everybody, including themselves, is resenting, using and abusing the situation. In 2010, the US said they would pull back from Europe a bit when it comes to foreign affairs effort and refocus on Asia after they realised China owned most of their economy. Oddly since 2010, the tensions between China, Japan, both Koreas, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia are all over the news. The situation in the South China Sea is such that we are closed to war, we often read. It’s like all these countries were waiting to become interesting again. Do we always have to wait for the US to look that way to do so ourselves? Also, interestingly, as the US pulled back from Europe, and looking the other way, Russia became aggressive again.