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Just sayin’ – You pervs!

A young teenage girl, let’s say she’s 12 or 13, is walking past you during a hot day wearing short shorts. You then hurry to tell the people with whom you are how inappropriate it is for her to wear something “so revealing” when she is “that young”. You can “almost see her arse.”

Now, let me be clear, man or woman: akin to people who think women who breastfeed should hide, the problem is not with her but with you and only you. For you sadly belong to those people who cannot help but see sex everywhere. In the bare breast of a mother as well as in the thighs of a 12 year-old girl.

Solution? Spent less time shaming young girls because you see them as nothing but sexual lumps of flesh who should cover themselves more in the name of decency. “I wouldn’t let my daughter wear this!” All the while shaming Muslim women for wearing too much. And work on yourself. What you will find is not going to be appealing but deal with it!

Keep calm and carry on faking it.

On average, 75% of what Donald Trump said during the campaign was lies.

Hopefully, 75% of his proudly shouted ideas regarding foreign policy, minorities, women, immigrants, gay people and the disabled are also lies that were nothing but a brilliant and Machiavellian move to get to the White House.

One can only hope he faked it all along, that he lied by convenience, not by conviction.


YouTube call to “heroes” to police their website with the promise of ever-greater reward for flagging up undefined, hence subjective, bad behaviour.

Surveillance is everywhere, especially the hands of private companies untamable by the State that called them in in the first place.

Whistle-blowers are trialled as traitors.

We are constantly at war against someone somewhere and these wars are draining public finances and driving up poverty.

Dissidence in all its form is increasingly considered as a danger thus silenced, put under house arrest and imprisoned even in our democracies, some of which that have been using “states of emergency” for months, if not years, in order to give the State and the police infinite power and immunity in the name of protecting the people they see as a constant threat.

Standards in education are going down along with its funding leaving generations in danger of never being able to think for themselves and at the mercy of all demagogues willing to validate their fears born of ignorance by voicing them proudly, all the while stopping short of actually addressing them in the long term.

I am starting to believe that Orwell’s 1984 was not about the year 1984 itself but about the future faced by people born in 1984. Like me…

It’s not us, it’s you.

The problem with Trump isn’t that he said something a decade ago and we can’t get over it.
The problem with Trump is that he said something a decade ago and he has not changed.

Meghan Tonjes


Pendant mon cours de français avec ma stagiaire russe:

“Vous avez des arguments comme celui de Trump en France?

-Oui, au début c’était que le Front National mais ça déborde sur tout le spectre politique. On nous dit, on nous répète, on nous promet qu’on va ‘faire revenir la France’


-J’en sais rien. Je n’y prends pas. Mais personne ne sait. C’est le principe. C’est comme Poutine quand il dit qu’il va à nouveau rendre la Russie grande et puissante.

-Mais Poutine est ridicule! La Russie était puissante au XIXe siecle avec le servage, l’empire, les trois Etats. On pouvait faire la guerre sans raison, envahir nos voisins juste comme ça…C’était un autre temps, comment peut-on revenir au XIXe siècle?

-La France était décrite comme le pays le plus puissant après 1918.

-Donc les Français veulent revenir en 1918?

-Non. Enfin, certains oui, surement. Certains pensent bien que le travail des femmes est la cause de chômage, alors… Mais les gens ne savent pas où ils veulent revenir mais le slogan leur va bien. Il faut faire revenir la France. C’es clair, non?


-On est d’accord. Parlons de Petersbourg…”

When the Guardian turns into the Mirror…


Really? “The worst idea ever?”…

The worst? Ever?! Really?

Worse that the war in Iraq or the referendum on Brexit or Donald Trump or any leader elected by the French since Mitterand left?

Really? It’s worse than that?