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Thou shall not do because of your uterus

Frank Warren is very worried for women. How nice of him! He worried so much that he decided to write about his worries in the Independent where he argues why he thinks women should not be allowed to do boxing anymore.

The Independent is not the Daily Mail so you don’t except some Richard Littlejohnesque bollocks to be published but it’s an open-minded newspaper so I guess it’s part of the deal.

Why am I aggressive? Because that’s his argument:


You can check the whole piece of yourself here:

Warning: You will have a feeling of being back in the 1950’s when men used to believe that women’s ovaries would move inside their bodies if they did any kind of sports requiring jumping. So prepare yourself before returning to 2014, you might get a shock!

Seriously! What the hell is the point of his article? That we go back to forbidding women to do things because it might jeopardise their abilities to reproduce. He’s right, that’s not “chauvinist”, he doesn’t hate women, he just cannot fathom that a woman can be anything but some empty flesh made to feed an almighty uterus.